European Comission in Bruxelles.  Decisions made by the commission can affect the value of the Euro against other currencies.
Trading Approach/Trading System
Manage risk.  Trade better.
A trading approach might be based on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or both.  Fundamental analysis is the analysis of macro and micro economic conditions as well as the political environment.  Technical analysis is the analysis of prices in the foreign exchange market.

Technical studies on lcd screen.
Brokers and floor traders watching price monitors on the exchange flloor.
A large number of successful currency traders are concerned only with technical analysis, and use it to make trading decisions and limit their exposure to risk.  Technology has made it possible for such analysis to be translated into computer programs that generate a buy, sell, and hold forex trading signals.  These computer programs are referred to as mechanical trading system, computerized trading system , or simply trading system.  Investing in the forex market using  a trading system is referred to as forex system trading.
Computer software.
A black laptop with DVD in tray.
To help the user of understand more, the computer programs are written based on indicators and technical analysis methods developed overtime by traders, mathematicians, engineers, and scientists who are interested in the behavior of prices in the financial markets.  The indicators try to predict future direction of the forex market, or identify its current movement.  Technical analysis methods, meanwhile, are the different uses of these indicators together with prevailing foreign exchange market prices to generate the buy, sell, and hold forex trading signal.
Although the design and performance of a trading system vary from another, forex system trading provide an objective and systematic approach to trading, thus, eliminating emotional factors (greed and fear) and simplifying the trader's decision making process.  Therefore, system trading make trading easier and let the foreign exchange trader stick to his/her position according to the forex trading signal in volatile or quite markets.  These aspects surely support currency traders with minimum experience.